Dance & Research

Marie Ndiaye

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 Marie N'diaye is a Lindy Hop and vernacular jazz choreographer, performer and instructor.


Marie has been dancing almost as long as she has been walking, training mostly in modern Jazz. She fell in love with Swing, Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz in 2007.

The Lindy Hop is an African-American social dance that was developed in Harlem, New York City, in the 1920s and 1930s and originally evolved with the jazz music of that time. It was very popular during the Swing era of the late 1930s and early 1940s. Lindy Hop grew from the Charleston and Breakaway and incorporate jazz and tap rhythms. It is a street dance and is a member of the swing dance family.

Jazz dance in Harlem from before 1950s is referred to as African American vernacular jazz dance (nowadays also called Authentic Jazz or Jazz Roots). Jazz dance was an integral part of jazz and swing until the end of the swing era in the late 1940s it is later replaced by modern jazz dance.

A true scientist, Marie loves history and facts. She has been not only studying the roots of the dances through old clips and collaborations with other dancers. But also has conducted research on the different dancers of the swing era. Her main focus being the jazz women and chorines of the time. 

Marie worked and danced with the fantastic teachers of the Cat's Corner Studio in Montreal before moving to Stockholm where she teaches at the Chicago Swing Dance Studio. She also teaches internationally, in France, Spain, England, Australia, Russia, Sweden... as well as at the world famous Herräng Dance Camp