Dance & Research

Marie Ndiaye

Marie Ndiaye is the leader of two Chorus line project since 2012: the 'Herrang Dance Camp Daily Meeting Chorus Line' and 'HotCha Chorus Line'. These two dance troupes focus on female african-american jazz dance traditions of the 1920s - early 50s.

In 2012, Lenart Westerlund entrusted Marie Ndiaye with a chorus line project to perform twice a week for 5 weeks in the Daily meeting of Herrang Dance Camp. Since then, the group have been performing every summer. The troupe is composed mostly of Stockholm based dancers but also invited dancers from oversees.

HotCha Chorus Line, created in 2012, is a Stockholm based swing dance troupe and the sister-project of the 'Daily Meeting Chorus Line'. The group strives to perpetuate the tradition of vernacular dances such as boogie, jazz tap, rhythm swing, exotic, mambo and more.


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